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Broke Flex Clothing

C8 Supercar - Broke Flexing - Black T-Shirt

C8 Supercar - Broke Flexing - Black T-Shirt

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Close your eyes... Imagine you wake up on a Saturday morning to take your Lamborghini down to the local Cars & Coffee meet... It's 4am, you are half asleep but you need to get there early to land a great spot.... Pull in and BOOM!!! No spots for you because 25 base model C8 Corvettes with 15 layers of PPF and Ceramic Coating showed up already... That's right boi, there is a new mid-engine super car in town and his name is $65,595.00


Don't be mad... Your Aventador only has a black interior.... They have RAPID BLUE!!! Is your Ferrari even wrapped bro?? The audacity you have to think your actual super car means anything in a world where bros who own GSHOCK watches and "knows a guy who already has an allocation for the new Z06 when it comes out" hard park in front of Starbucks with their roof off. #StayInYourLaneBro


Product Details

  • Premium cotton blend black t-shirt (very soft)
  • C8 Image on back
  • Broke Flexing logo on front


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