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Broke Flex Clothing

No More $2000 Cars - Broke Flexing - T-Shirt

No More $2000 Cars - Broke Flexing - T-Shirt

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Ok kids, I want you to all come and sit down while I tell you about an amazing time we used to live in. There was a site called Craig's list and while you may think this was for hookers it was actually for finding amazing deals on items... Most of which were used cars...

Using this platform, which wasn't featured in every car YouTube video you watched you could find things like a bone stock 240SX owned by an 80 year old Japanese couple and had 43 miles on it for $1200... Hate Nissan?? That's ok we also have Acura Integra GSR's for $3000 and that's really a high price for it. 

My god kids you could actually find a high mileage 3000GT VR-4 for under $8000.... Those were the days... But sadly now.... There are no more $2000 cars... You want a rusted out Impreza 2.5RS with no AC and 69 records on the Car Fax??? Gonna cost you $18000!!! 

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